How to Embed a Funnel in Email or Anywhere Using the Feedback Parameter

Starfish Reviews funnels include the feedback parameter so you can pre-select the negative or positive feedback option in the URL. Use ?feedback=p the funnel URL to pre-select the positive result, and ?feedback=n to preselect the negative result. 

This makes it so you can embed your own thumbs-up/down images in an email, or some other non-WordPress website or platform. Just link your own thumbs up/down buttons to the same funnel URL, but with the appropriate feedback variable set in the URL. That way it's like the first screen of the funnel is right in your email or other website. When people click/tap one of the options, it'll take them to the actual Starfish Funnel on your WP website to complete the funnel.

Pretend your WordPress website running Starfish Reviews is on the domain "". Setup your funnel how you want it. The funnel URL will be something like

In your email that you setup on MailChimp (or whatever email platform you're using), you basically recreate the first page of the funnel with a prompt like "How do you feel about my business?" then insert 2 images below, one a thumbs-up and one a thumbs-down. Then you'll link the images like this:

  • Positive feedback (thumbs-up) links to:
  • Negative feedback (thumbs-down) links to:

Now when people click either of those, it'll take them to the funnel. But it will skip the first screen with the positive and negative icons, since they already did that, and go directly to the positive "leave a review" screen or the negative "tell us how we can do better" screen.

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