Beta Feedback

One of the requirements we have to be a part of our beta program is that you will submit at least 3 pieces of feedback during our beta window.  

To do so please send an email to

Please provide as much information as possible from below.  

Helpful Content when reporting

In order to ensure a bug is properly prioritized and is not returned back to the reporter because of an inability to reproduce the defect the following information  should be completed each and every time a bug is reported.


A brief title of the bug, not a full description or detailed explanation. But a simple, short title from which the bug can be quickly identified.

Actual Results (Description)

Explain in as many details as possible the defect found and what is actually happening, including:

  • Any error messages
  • Errors
  • Failure reports

Steps to Reproduce

Provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this defect, including the same data inputted if applicable. This is imperative to ensure a quick resolution.


How often does this defect occur? (i.e. consistently, frequent, occasionally)


Who / where was this issue initially reported (ie website url)

Expected Results

What results did you expect aside from the actual result received? Be as specific as possible to ensure expectations are understood and met if accurate


Provide the environment from which this defect was found (BETA, Production). Including versions of browser, OS, platforms, builds, CMS etc.


The build number which the defect was found in.

Attachments (Screenshots)

Always attach any available screenshots or further documentation where available that will help further support the defect resolution.

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