Leveraging Multiple Review Funnels for Varied Locations and Services: A Best Practices Guide


In a digital landscape where reviews significantly impact business, effectively segmenting and managing reviews for multiple locations and services is crucial. Utilizing multiple review funnels on your website not only streamlines the review gathering process but also enhances the user experience. This guide elucidates best practices for setting up and managing multiple review funnels to cater to diverse locations and services.

Step 1: Structured Review Page Creation

  • Create a centralized 'Reviews' page (e.g., /reviews) on your website.
  • Display photos of each of your business locations on this page to provide a visual guide for visitors.

Step 2: Location-specific Service Pages

  • Configure the photos such that clicking on a location photo navigates the user to a new page dedicated to that location (e.g., /servicesLocation1, /servicesLocation2).
  • On each location-specific page, showcase photos of the various services offered at that location.

Step 3: Service-specific Review Funnels

  • Set up individual review funnels for each service offered.
  • Configure the service photos such that clicking on a service photo navigates the user to the corresponding review funnel, where they can leave a review on a designated subpage for that particular service at that location.

Step 4: Informative and Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

  • Employ clear and compelling CTAs to guide visitors through the process of selecting a location, choosing a service, and leaving a review.
  • Ensure that each CTA is intuitive and straightforward, minimizing any potential confusion.

Step 5: Mobile Responsiveness and Accessibility

  • Ensure that your review pages and funnels are mobile-responsive to cater to users across various devices.
  • Adhere to web accessibility standards to ensure that all users, regardless of ability, can navigate your review pages and funnels effortlessly.

Step 6: User Feedback and Continuous Improvement

  • Collect feedback from users about their experience navigating through the review funnels.
  • Use the feedback to make necessary adjustments for an optimized user experience.


Implementing multiple review funnels is a robust strategy for managing reviews across various locations and services effectively. By adhering to the outlined best practices, you can create a structured, user-friendly environment for collecting valuable reviews, which in turn, bolster the credibility and trustworthiness of your business.


Ensure the technical feasibility and consistency of the URL structures and navigation flow with your website's overall design and functionality. The process of creating and managing multiple review funnels should be conducted in close collaboration with web development and user experience to achieve the desired outcomes.

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