Upgrade/Downgrade/Beta Version

Download staged, beta and previous versions of a product from the User Dashboard.

You can now download the latest staged release and the previous versions of Starfish Reviews from your Account Dashboard - https://starfish.reviews/account/#!/downloads

There are a couple of important use cases in which this feature will be useful.

  • It is helpful in staged rollouts where some customers (or new customers) are eager to try the new release with new features or bug fixes without waiting for the update to be available on their site. In scenarios where your customers are waiting for the new features that you have introduced in the latest release.
  • Other use case is completely opposite, where customers need to downgrade to older releases when facing some issues after an upgrade.
  • Another useful use case is beta releases. The primary/automated way to access beta versions is if a customer opts into the beta program on their site, which is uncommon in production environments. Having said that, when we specifically released a feature that is still in beta, yet, a customer wants to give it a try, they can now manually download it to give it a try wherever they wish.
In all the above use cases, this feature will be a huge time saver for customers.

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