Importing Reviews from Google

How do I scrape Google reviews?

Option #1: Query

The query parameter should be the query that shows the Google My Business listing in search results:

Google Query Results Page

Add New Profile Example: Google Query

Tip #1

When possible, it's best to generate the query with the full name of the business and the full address for the best results. This is because Google uses your search history and location to generate your search results, which could vary on our side.

Add New Profile Example: Google Query + Address

Tip #2

If you still are not getting your business to show up using the Query option try using the business name followed by the domain of the website for example:

Add New Profile Example: Google Query + Domain

Options #2: Google Place ID

If all else fails using the Query option, try the Google Place ID.  

"Place IDs uniquely identify a place in the Google Places database and on Google Maps"

For how to find your Place ID, please follow these steps:

First, try the Google Place ID Finder:

Second, if you don't get a result using the above finder, which is more common than you might think, here are some details on how you can find it manually.

  1. Search for your business on then from the search result page showing your business on the right-hand side, right-click the "Write a Review" button
  2. Choose the "Inspect" (Google Chrome) or "Inspect Element" (Firefox); or a similar option depending on your internet browser being used.

3. You will be presented with a similar screen as below showing the HTML of the "Write a Review" element just inspected.  Within the <a> tag above the "Write a Review" <span> you will find an attributed called "data-pid". This is your Google Place ID!  Double-click this value to highlight it and then CTL+C to copy it to your clipboard.  

4. Now that you have your Google Place ID, go back to Starfish Reviews "Add Profile" dialogue and insert the Place ID within the "Place ID" field

Add New Profile Example: Google Place ID

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