Theme Conflicts

Some Theme builders create conflicts with the ability of to display the funnels on your website.  

You can use the below information to Troubleshoot/Identify and solve issues with


The Theme Builder (see Illustration #1). May have a custom template called "Blog Details" which can have a condition set to apply on "All Singlular" instances of a post (see illustration #2). This would cause Elementor to override the Starfish Reviews template for the Funnel custom post type. So, to fix this, but not interfere with the site's configuration, you can add a second condition to the template's Instances configuration (see Illustration #3) to not apply this template on Funnels.

Illustration #1

Illustration #2

Illustration #3

This issue was identified by enabling Elementor's Debug Bar from within the Elementor -> Tools menu


Enabling the Elementor Debug Bar adds the following option to the Admin Bar that allows for the currently viewed page's templates to be identified.

Doing so, showed the following results. See the mention of "Override" in the list of templates being used on the Funnel page. This told me there was some custom configurations somewhere causing the Starfish Reviews templates to be overridden by an Elementor's template.


After applying the additional condition to the Template Instances, the results of the debug bar now show. Appropriate use of the Starfish Reviews Funnel template.


After fixing funnel pages you will also want to add a third condition to your template's configuration to also exclude the Collection posts as you would have the same problem with Collection pages.


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