Profile Scrape Stuck In Processing

The Problem

Is a Review Profile Scrape Status reporting "Processing" and never changing or showing any signs of reviews being found?  

Review importing requires the use of the WordPress API Framework.  Starfish Reviews adds a custom endpoint (i.e., /starfish/reviews/summary) for the Review Scraping service to callback to the WordPress site notifying the scrape job has finished and is ready to import any found reviews.

Various reasons may cause the Starfish Reviews API to not be accessible.  

The Solution

Please follow these steps to ensure your site's WordPress APIs are accessible

  1. Check the configurations and settings of any security plugins that may have the ability to disable WordPress APIs. Here are a few we know of:
    1. iThemes Security
    2. Disable JSON API
    3. Astra Security "WP Hardening"
    4. WP Cerber Security (they allow for whitelisting specific API namespaces, to allow only Starfish endpoints, add the namespace "starfish")
  2. Confirm your site's hosting is not configured to require a password to access the site (e.g., Flywheel's Privacy Mode). 
  3. Check any WordPress firewalls for settings that may be blocking access to the WordPress JSON APIs
    1. Ninja Firewall WP Edition
  4. Ensure you have the Premium version of the Starfish Reviews plugin installed and the Free version has been removed. The Plugins page should reflect (Premium) in the Starfish Reviews plugin title as seen below.

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