How Do I Get My Customers To The Funnel?

Once you have a funnel created, you must get your customer's eyes on it. This means sending them a link to it.

There are two ways you can set up the URL for the funnel. The first and most simple way is to copy the Permalink found on the funnel page. Just link any blog page or post, the permalink can be changed to your liking and will load the page when entered into your browser.

The second way to direct customers to your funnel is to create a separate page in WP. On this page, you can use the embed code for the funnel (click the copy icon to the right of the shortcode) to display the question along with other company related information. You can even let the customer know what other related services or products you offer.

Example use:

Now that the funnel is ready, copy the Permalink from the funnel itself or the page you created. Use it in a follow-up email or text to your customers! 

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