Did My Customer Write a Review? How Can I Tell?

When you send out the funnel question to your customers, the point is to get them to write you a great review. Sometimes they will write an exceptional review, sometimes not. Of course, we want to be able to keep track of new reviews but also to contact customers that may be unhappy.

The Positive Response settings for your funnel question are used to guide the customer to write a great review of your services in the review sites you direct them to (configured). The Negative Response settings configured for your funnel question handle the unhappy customers.

In each case, positive or negative, an entry is added to the Feedback table. To view all feedback click Starfish Reviews > Feedback.

All Feedback can be filtered by date and/or by funnel.

Positive Feedback

When a customer answers positively to the funnel, the feedback entry will show Positive in the Feedback column. The customer is asked to leave a review or automatically directed to a review site. The positive feedback is collected as well as the destination if any was clicked on. For funnels with a single destination, the Destination will show Yes. For funnels with multiple destinations, the Destination will show which one they clicked on.

 Negative Feedback

When a customer answers in the negative to the funnel, the feedback entry will show Negative in the Feedback column.  If configured, the customer will be asked to leave a message and/or their name, email address, and phone number. This information, if they enter it, is available in the feedback entry for you to reach out to the customer. The Destination column will display No.

If Review Gating is disabled and the customer chooses to leave a public review, the Destination will display Yes, or the name of the destination they clicked on.

Import Reviews

To see the actual reviews left on the configured destinations, reviews can be imported into Starfish. Doing this allows you to display your great reviews on your website for everyone to see. This is configured by creating a Profile (Starfish Profiles) and then ....need more here but cannot get in to a premium site to see what needs to be done. Please advise.

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