Posting to Multiple Sites

Is it possible to post the same review to multiple sites?

Posting to multiple review sites is a complicated/impossible task because you would need credentials/authentication to every one of those sites to be able to do duplicate the review.... So probably won't happen.  

It seems the reason people want this is to ensure that everyone can see your review from anywhere....

Well we do solve that problem..

But we do it by importing the review someone leaves on a social site and placing it back on your website.

As you know not everyone has a Facebook account and so if the best review is on Facebook some potential customers won't see it.  But if we import that review from Facebook and place it on your page along with your other 5 star reviews from yelp, google, BBB, etc. then you own your content.. (and secretly when we post it back it becomes indexable which can improve your websites SEO) unlike a screenshot or trapping it on Facebook.  

So yes we can connect to various social review sites and import their reviews to your website so that anyone can see your reviews from anywhere....

So it doesn't matter which single site is chose to leave a review they only need to leave one so that we can make sure everyone sees it.  

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