Managing your Starfish account

Use your Starfish account to manage your licenses, renewals, and billing information.

Login to your account here

Your Account Dashboard will look similar to the following:

  •         Websites: Contains the website you have the plugin installed on. It will automatically be added once the installation is complete and you have activated it with your license key.
  •         Downloads: Links to download the latest version of the plugin.
  •         Licenses: Contains the license information for each product purchased.
  •         Orders History: Contains the history of your purchases.
  •         Renewals & Billing: Contains your active products and renewal information.
  •         My Profile: Your profile contains your Billing information including your business name, email, tax id, and mailing address. This is also where you will find your license information required to activate Starfish after it is installed.
  •         FAQ: Some commonly asked questions if you need help.
  •         Support: Use this page to send us a support question.
  •         Earn: Did you know you can earn money by referring Starfish to your friends? Find our affiliate program information and sign up here.
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