Importing Reviews - Using My Imported Reviews

Collections are used to display the reviews you have imported from your various social media sites.

To create a collection, 

1. Go to Starfish Reviews > Collections.

2. Then click Add New.

3. Enter a Collection title.

This can be any title you choose but should be something that identifies what the collection of reviews means or where they will display.

4. Next, you will set up the collection. This consists of creating a filter to show a specific set of reviews and then defining how you want the collection to look when it is displayed. As you design the collection, a preview will display above the settings.

The Filters tab lets you choose which reviews you want to display:

1. First, set the Profile selection - select the Profile you want to display reviews from.
2. Next, set the Minimum Rating. This allows you to choose to display only reviews that meet a certain rating. For example, choosing "positive, 9-10" will only display reviews that have a 9-10 positive rating. You can also choose to Show All.
3. Set the Maximum Reviews. This will limit the maximum number of reviews shown. Enter 0 to show an unlimited number of reviews.
4. Select the Age of the Reviews to show. You may choose to show only the newest reviews, oldest reviews, or specify to only show reviews that fall within a specified date range.

The Layout tab is where you design what the reviews block will look like.

1. Choose Columns for the look of the reviews. The reviews will display in a columnar format.
2. Enter the Number of Columns and Number of Rows.
3. Select Yes or No to Enable Slider. This allows your reviews to be scrolled and puts an icon to the left and right of the review block. Clicking either will scroll the reviews back and forth. The scrolling icon used can be defined by the Navigation. They can be arrows, dots, both, or none.
4. Auto-Advance timeframe. The block of reviews will automatically change when this timeframe is reached. Enter 0 to disable this auto-advance feature. Auto-Advance is not available if sliders are not being used.

The Elements tab allows you to pick what elements of the reviews will display and how much of the review text to initially display. Choose from Title, Rating, Date, Avatar, Name, Read More, Source Icon (where the review is from), Include ratings with no review, Review Text, Review Text Maximum Characters.

Lastly, the Style tab allows you to design the look of the reviews. Here you can define the colors, borders, avatar positioning, font style, and font size used for the display. 

Once you click Save Draft for the Collection, similarly to how you save a draft blog post or page, the Collection preview will update based on the Layout, Elements, and Styles you defined. 

Once your design is complete, the collection is ready for display wherever you choose. Use the Shortcode in the Collection Toolbox on any page in your Wordpress site. The collection will be displayed where you place the Shortcode.

Alternatively, copy the Embed Code to use the Collection on a non-Wordpress hosted website.

    Here is a fun demo to show the power of the Collection design process.

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