Testimonial Shortcodes

Instructions for using the testimonial shortcode. Each section represents an attribute of the [starfish attribute=""]  shortcode


This is required and tells Starfish Reviews that the Testimonial feature is being requested.

  • form = return the Testimonial Form for capturing new testimonials
  • display = return the Testimonials for the front-end display

If no value is provided it will default to "form"

[starfish testimonial="form"]  (default) or [starfish testimonial="display"]

Capturing Testimonials


Whatever value is placed in this attribute will be used as a Category for all testimonials submitted using this instance of the form.

This value (if provided) will also be used as the "Subject" of the Testimonial Form (if that component is used).

[starfish testimonial="form" category="My Category"]


Use this attribute to specify the components (form fields) to be displayed in the testimonial form. Provide a comma-separated list of the following options:

  • subject (requires the category  attribute)
  • name
  • email
  • phone
  • message

[starfish testimonial="form" components="name,email,message"]


Use this attribute to specify which of the components (form fields) are required before the Testimonial can be submitted. Applies only to the components being used.

[starfish testimonial="form" category="My Category" required="name,message"]

Displaying Testimonials


Used when displaying testimonials, provide a comma-separated list of post IDs, "all" (default).

[starfish testimonial="display" posts="1,2,3"]


Used when displaying testimonials, limit how many posts are returned (only applies when "all" is used within "posts")

[starfish testimonial="display" limit="25"]

Per Page

Used when displaying testimonials, the number of posts per page/slide.

If no value is provided then all testimonials will be returned with no pagination (could result in long page loads depending on the number of testimonials there are).

[starfish testimonial="display" per_page="4"]


Filters testimonials according to the provided category name "My Category" (not the slug or ID). Currently, this filter only supports one category value.

This value will override any specific post IDs if those posts do not have the matching category assigned.

[starfish testimonial="display" category="my category"]


Control what components are shown with each testimonial when displayed. If a valid component is provided, then only the components specified will be shown (plus the star rating).

  • name
  • avatar
  • date
  • message

[starfish testimonial="display" components="name,message"]


  • If the components attribute is not provided or is left empty, all components will be displayed.
  • No form fields (components ) are required by default.
  • The testimonial attribute defaults to "form".
  • The posts attribute defaults to "all".
  • The per_page  attribute defaults to "0"; resulting in no pagination.

No matter the values provided for the components attribute the Star Rating component will always be present (and required).

In-Line Help

These instructions can also be accessed from within the plugin as illustrated below

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