Shortcodes: Collections

The following shortcodes are available for Collections

Display a Collection

The following will display the Collection by the provided ID according to the Collection's current configuration

[starfish collection="{collection_id}"]

Display a Collection's Average Rating

The following shortcode displays the Average Rating of a Collection, not the collection itself. To display both the Collection and the Average Rate ensure the Collection's configuration has the Element "Average Rating" enabled then just use the standard Collection shortcode without the average attributes shown below.

[starfish collection="{collection_id}" average="true" average_title="" average_subtext="" average_hideprofiles="true|false"]

An explanation of each shortcode attribute:

Requires the average="true" attribute to activate the Average Rating settings

  1. average_title: A text-only title for the Average Rating, displays above the star rating
  2. average_subtext: A short, text-only, sub-title or sub-text,
  3. average_hideprofiles: Provide the value true to hide the profile icons from which the reviews are aggregated; otherwise, false or empty to show the profile icons
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