Collections are used to display the reviews you have received from your various social sites

Visit the Plugin and select "collections" and then "Add New"

  1. Set a name for your collection
  2. Collection Settings
    1. Filters -  Choose how to filter the many reviews you have received
      1. Profile Selection 
      2. Minimum Rating
      3. Maximum Reviews
      4. Age of Reviews
    2. Layout - Adjust how the reviews appear within columns or rows
    3. Elements - add or remove various parts of the plugin
    4. Style - change fonts etc.
      1. Then choose "save Draft" and preview what it will look like back from the collection start page.
  3. Additional Settings - 
    1. Collection Toolbox: Copy the short code to be used on pages internal to your website or use the embed code to show your collection on a non WordPress hosted website. 
    2.  Collection Image: Set a custom image to be displayed for this collection

    ** A fun Demo **

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