Collections are used to display the reviews you have received from your various social sites.

Now supports testimonials captured directly from your site using the new Testimonial feature

Visit the Plugin and select "Collections" and then "Add New"

  1. Set a name for your collection
  2. Collection Settings
    1. Filters -  Choose how to filter the many reviews you have received
      1. Profile Selection 
      2. Minimum Rating
      3. Maximum Reviews
      4. Age of Reviews
    2. Layout - Adjust how the reviews appear within columns or rows
    3. Elements - add or remove various parts of the plugin
    4. Style - change fonts etc.
      1. Then choose "save Draft" and preview what it will look like back from the collection start page.
  3. Additional Settings - 
    1. Collection Toolbox: Copy the short code to be used on pages internal to your website or use the embed code to show your collection on a non WordPress hosted website. 
    2.  Collection Image: Set a custom image to be displayed for this collection

    ** A fun Demo **

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