Capture and display your happy customer's comments, including a star rating, directly on your website using Starfish Review's Testimonial feature.

How is a "testimonial" different from a "review"? Good question!

A testimonial is given directly to you from your customers, you have control of the actual message, when, where, and if it is even displayed; a personal recommendation of your services or products. Think of it as a comment card left your your "comments" box outside your office.

A review is given to a third-party (i.e., Google, Facebook, Trustpilot) about your services or products, which could be positive or negative, you don't have any control over the content or whether it is posted or not.

Capture New Testimonials

Using the fully featured set of shortcodes, testimonials are captured using a simple form placed anywhere on your site where shortcodes can be placed.

[starfish testimonial="form" category="My Category"]

Testimonial Capture Form

Captured Testimonials

View and manage captured testimonials (correct misspellings, enhance formatting). Here you will have the option to manage visibility, content, and approval of submitted testimonials. Only Approved testimonials will be available for display.

Index of captured Testimonials

Edit individual testimonial records

Display Testimonials

There are two ways to display captured testi

monials, 1) The fully featured shortcodes, or 2) using the existing Collection feature, only available in Premium versions of Starfish Reviews.

Include Testimonials in a Collection for quick display anywhere on your site (Premium Feature)
Display Testimonials via a Collection (Premium Feature) or through powerful shortcode options
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