Can I see my reviews in Starfish?

Starfish does not monitor or automatically collect reviews made on 3 rd party review sites. We know if someone clicked out to a review site but are unaware if they actually submitted a review.

However, we can collect reviews from 3 rd party websites by importing them. We do this by scraping all of the reviews from the site and importing them into your Starfish account. You can then use them for display throughout your own website.

Use this process to import your reviews and show them off on your website:

  1. To import reviews, you must first create a Profile for each site you want to import reviews from. See Importing Reviews – Creating a Profile.
  2. Once the reviews are imported into Starfish, you can look at them on the Reviews page. See Importing Reviews – Evaluate Imported Reviews.
  3. Once the reviews are imported, they can be set up for display on your website. See Importing Reviews - Using My Imported Reviews.
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